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I wanted to post up a short blog post and thank the people of Elegant Code for the invite.  I am honored to be a member of the community. 

My name is Bill Moore, and my passion is Silverlight.  I work with my wife @ Coden UX.   You can find information on our company here:  http://www.codenux.com

I will be posting about Silverlight and covering programming, graphics, RIA Services, and animation.    Look for my upcoming post later this month covering how to dynamically create arrows to point at objects  and repositioning them when the objects are dragged around the workspace.  You maybe thinking how is this useful?  Well I am currently working on a project building a workflow control that has dependency arrows.  These arrows needed to dynamically change where they were pointing based on the position of the dependency items on the workspace.  This was actually more difficult than I had originally anticipated.  Thus, it became worthy of a blog post.  Look for it shortly.

Code Happy,