30 Nov

Put This on Your Gift List

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My friend and NimblePros founder, Steve Smith,  sent a fantastic holiday gift to me. I have it hanging on my wall and you should too!

It?s a 2011 calendar of Software Craftsmanship. Very cool! The calendar has monthly themes of:

Single Responsibility Principle, Dependency Inversion Principle, Common Closure Principle, Common Reuse Principle, Boy Scout Rule, YAGNI, Eliminate Waste, Shipping is a Feature, Don’t Repeat Yourself, Interface Segregation Principle, Liskov Substitution Principle, Open Closed Principle.

That?s cool, but my favorite part is actually the ?This Day in Computer Science History? notes. For example, did you know that Niklaus Wirth was born February 15th, 1934 and originated Wirth?s Law:

?Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware can get faster.?

OK, so you need to forward this link to your significant other with (hint, hint) in the subject line. And it just may be that the other Elegant Coders will find something in their stockings Smile.

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