11 Jul

iOS For .NET Developers Course Published

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It has been quite a bit of work and a learning experience, but today my course on iOS development for .NET developers course was published on Pluralsight!


This course was designed to help someone that is familiar with .NET get up to speed and start building an iOS application quickly.

Having gone through the learning process myself, I tried to distill what I thought was the most essential things to learn from someone having more of a C# background like myself.

It can be really hard to learn a new operating system, technology, programming language and IDE all at the same time, so I try to break it down and really spend some quality time discussing each of these things.

I think the end result turned out really good.  I am already started on part 2 of this course, which will dive a bit deeper into actually writing code and implementing features, while this course was designed more to lay a good foundation.

If you have already taken my Android development for .NET developers course you’ll notice I am trying to take the same kind of approach as we even build the same protein tracking application.

I found it pretty difficult to map some of the concepts in Android to iOS when I was first porting my PaceMaker application to the iPhone, so I tried to create a pretty good mapping between the two courses.  It definitely can be frustrating when you know how to do something in one technology, but can’t even find the words to Google for that same concept in another technology.

I also wanted to take a minutes in this post to highlight value of a video training site like Pluralsight.  I definitely think it is something every developer should have access to. 

Having watched many of the courses on Pluralsight, and developed 2 courses for the site myself, I have come to realized that the true value in these courses is that you are getting a distilled and practical knowledge as opposed to many books that really are more reference based trying to cover all of a technology.

Obviously I am affiliated with Pluralsight, so I am going to say they are great, but I definitely think these kind of real world focused videos are a great way to learn a new technology or enhance your skills.

Anyway, I hope you like the course and if you have any questions or comments about it, feel free to email me or ask them here.

Look for part 2 to be coming in the near future.

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