13 Oct

Nancy: v0.8.1 just out the door

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Right after we released 0.8 about a week ago, we unfortunately found a couple of bugs. We decided that they were annoying enough to warrant an interim release, hence today we released 0.8.1. All repositories and nugets have been updated to the new version.

In total we fixed four bugs and introduced a breaking change in the JSON serializer while also adding support for TimeSpan in the serializer. For a complete list of changes, have a look at the 0.8.1 milestone at GitHub.

This release shall be known as the grumpy-release as he was the one that did all the heavy lifting. Kudos to his awesomeness!

3 thoughts on “Nancy: v0.8.1 just out the door

  1. What in the world is Nancy? Honestly, please be more detailed in your posts. The newcomer has no opportunity to see whatever product you’re offering.

  2. +1 – came here via Zite, and have no idea what Nancy is. Seems I have to head over to GitHub to find out…?

  3. To be fair, I did provide two links that gives more information. I continuously blog about Nancy it doesn’t make sense to introduce the project in every post – does it?

    There is also the search option on both ElegantCode and Google to bring up more information. I do understand what you say, but reiterating a project description each time isn’t a viable option.

    I’ll try to make sure there’s a link to http://nancyfx.org in each post moving forward (I usually turn the first mention of Nancy into a link, but since it was only mentioned in the title that didn’t happen this time)

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