Resources for getting started with Backbone.js

The current product I am building makes heavy use of HTML5 & javascript to give the user a rich experience, both on and offline, across a variety of screens. Before I even started this application I knew I wanted a clean and proven approach to help manage the complexity on the client. After reviewing several […]

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Job Titles and Scrum

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I hear a lot of questions about “proper” Scrum. I feel compelled to answer one such question here, given how often I hear the topic discussed. Does Scrum prohibit job titles? No. Although Scrum does not recognize any titles defined outside the Scrum Framework, titles are almost always present in the organization. While Scrum doesn’t […]

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I’ve been focusing energies at on growing our community of Agile practitioners. That’s right, the word “scrum” wasn’t in that statement. Sort of. Our mission is to Improve the Profession of Software Development, not to Increase Instances of Poorly Implemented Scrum. But, I digress… wants to be a valued resource for those practicing […]

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