14 Feb

NuGet Project Uncovered: FakeO

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If you are coming to this series of posts for the first time you might check out my introductory post for a little context.

FakeO is a fake object generation library. It doesn?t seem to play nicely with objects that require parameters in the constructor. However if you have lots of classes that have a default constructor and plain old get/set properties this project might be very useful.

You can even specify not just random text or numbers to generate, but some specific context driven data.

For example:

  • Random company name
  • Lorem Ipsum to various lengths.
  • Phone numbers
  • Random strings based on a regex.
  • etc?
// example FakeO call
var comp = FakeO.Create.Fake<Company>(
                c => c.Name = FakeO.Company.Name(),
                c => c.Phone = FakeO.Phone.Number(),
                c => c.EmployeeCount = FakeO.Number.Next(100,200)); // random number from 100 to 200

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