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Steve Jobs – The Biography by Walter Isaacson

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At first I was a bit skeptical whether I should spend time listening to the audio version of this book. I?ve heard and read both great things as well as bad things about the book. A few people recommended it, while a couple of others discouraged me from reading it. But after getting through only a few chapters I was completely hooked.

The book tells the life story of Steve Jobs from birth until his sad passing, describing the important moments of his life in a very open and honest way.

The part that I personally found the most interesting were the early years of Apple. There?s a lot of computer history in there that stems from when I was just an infant. These fascinating stories alone, like how the Mac and the IBM PC were rubbing shoulders, makes the book worthwhile. I?ve actually learned a lot from this book, especially about the events from the past that made Apple the company that it is today.

I never really considered myself an Apple fan. Heck, I don?t even follow what they are announcing at their conferences or events. I usually read about it days after in the newspapers. But while I was reading the book, I started noticing all the Apple devices that me and my family are using on a day-to-day basis. When did that happen? Did they sneak up on me or what? When I told my wife about this, she told me that I start rambling about replacing my three year old desktop with an iMac every time we walk by an Apple store or a retailer. Wow! This certainly didn?t help either. Perhaps it?s inevitable, I don?t know.

But what I do know is that I really enjoy using their devices (iPod, iPad, MacBook Pro, etc. ?) and now I learned about the rationale behind it. And the scary part was that it all made sense as well.

This book tells the remarkable story of a passionate individual with a firm vision that will be remembered for many generations to come. If you?re a technologist, you just owe it to yourself to pick up a copy and read it.

Now I?m off reading a book on Bill Gates Winking smile.

Until next time.

4 thoughts on “Steve Jobs – The Biography by Walter Isaacson

  1. Read


    by Stephen Manes and Paul Andrews


    Very good. Bill worked harder than most anyone.

  2. Also very good

    Accidental Empiresby Robert X. Cringely

    Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore from Fairchild Semiconductor who started Intel. Gary
    Kildall’s CP/M OS at Digital Research. Dan Bricklin and VisiCalc. Xerox Palo
    Alto Research Center (PARC). Rise of the IBM PC. How Gates grabbed the IBM OS
    contract from right under Gary Kildall’s nose. Mitch Kapor and the rise of Lotus
    1-2-3. Steve Jobs at Apple. John Warnock and Adobe Systems. It’s all here.

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