11 Aug

Evolving UX with Small Increments

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I?ve started noticing more details of UX design in the software I use on a daily basis. Recently I noted an example of reducing a two-click flow to a one-click flow. Note the blue button on my Google email.


Before this Send+ button existed, only Send appeared. I would hit Send on the reply, then I would very often hit Archive as the next click. I bet:

  1. Lots of other people clicked that sequence.
  2. The right person at Google asked, ?What are the most common command sequences we find in GMail usage??
  3. That person then pushed on the question until the answer was found.
  4. Once the question was answered, someone took action.

Now clicking the Send+ version combines the Send and Archive commands into one. What a pleasant and simple little improvement.

This is impressive as hell to me because it shows a level of nuance and detail found in truly well-engineered systems, both software and human, capable of producing such a pleasant little improvement.

What are some examples of small niceties in UX you have noticed or can suggest?

One thought on “Evolving UX with Small Increments”

  1. Yeah, I love this feature. It has been available through GMail Labs for a couple years.

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