Format your .Net exceptions to see the StackTrace.

TL;DR Check out a dinky little Exception Message Beautifier site I threw together so you can quickly format .net exception messages and easily see the StackTrace.   Go to the site: CLICK HERE   Background Over the years, I?ve worked on projects where application exceptions were saved to a SQL database. When querying the logs […]

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Node-m-r – A Simple CQRS Example using Node.js

Anyone learning about DDD, CQRS and/or event sourcing has probably read the source code of Greg Young’s simple CQRS example at some point or another. This is one of the simplest examples possible demonstrating the practical side of CQRS and event sourcing, originally developed using .NET. I made an attempt to rewrite the source code […]

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Some time ago, I was watching this excellent video course by Neal Ford titled ?Functional Thinking ? Functional Programming using Java, Clojure and Scala?. In one of the modules on functional data structures, Neal talks about this container type in Scala named Either. The Either type in Scala represents one of two possible values, a […]

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