24 Oct

Product or Project Focused

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A software development team in an organization should be able to focus on the core domain that reflects the business it?s serving. Developers on the team should be able to iterate and further refine the domain model based on the evolving input and feedback of the domain experts. The business people, domain experts and developers […]

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17 Oct

Premature Abstraction

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The first time I read the GoF book, I didn’t understand it. This was because I didn’t had a decent understanding of the principles of object-oriented programming at the time. A while after, I read the book Design Patterns Explained. In this excellent book the author formulated the core thought behind the design patterns in […]

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12 Dec

Node-m-r – A Simple CQRS Example using Node.js

Anyone learning about DDD, CQRS and/or event sourcing has probably read the source code of Greg Young’s simple CQRS example at some point or another. This is one of the simplest examples possible demonstrating the practical side of CQRS and event sourcing, originally developed using .NET. I made an attempt to rewrite the source code […]

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7 Jun

Generic Value Object

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I just wanted to share my attempt for implementing a generic base class for Value Objects, popularized by Eric Evans and the Domain-Driven Design community. I must say that I got heavily inspired by Jimmy Bogard’s implementation, which got me thinking about such an approach. Contrary to his implementation, I used static reflection instead of […]

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