Taming that client-side javascript mess with Backbone.js–Boise Code Camp session materials

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I had a blast presenting on Backbone.js at Boise Code Camp this weekend. Thanks to all who attended! I received a lot of positive feedback and as such will be presenting the same talk at the Boise Web Technologies Group Thursday, April 26, 2012, 6:00 PM. RSVP here Slides & Source http://bit.ly/bcc12_backbonejs Blog post Resources […]

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Boise Code Camp 2011–WPF for Dummies and Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Explained

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Wow…  Boise Code Camp rocked this year.  There were great presentations, great people, and great conversations.  You even had an occasional code pairing.  Not to mention the two XBOX Kinects to help fill in the time between sessions.  This year I only gave two presentations; WPF for Dummies and Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Explained.  If you are […]

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Boise Code Camp 2011–Introduction to Git

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We are having another great Boise Code Camp and once again, I am glad I presented. Git is a DVCS, or distributed version control system, that is gaining popularity in the .NET community. In this session, we will explore: How Git is different from other version control systems (Subversion, Team Foundation Server, Mercurial) Common tools […]

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Boise Code Camp 2010: Distributed Event-Driven Architecture Session Notes

I presented a session on event-driven architecture (with examples using NServiceBus) at Boise Code Camp yesterday.  I had a great turnout and great feedback. Thanks so much to those who attended!  If you attended and have any feedback/constructive criticism, please leave a comment! For those who missed the session ? or for those who would […]

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Portland Code Camp Talks

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I finally (sorry) am getting around to posting materials from my talks at Portland Code Camp. It was a great event and I both enjoyed myself and learned a lot. That’s a great combination! Posterity aside, here are my slide decks from both talks at code camp. I will try and get my BDD sample […]

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