27 Aug

File uploads and MVC Controllers

Last week I had to implement some functionality to support uploading images to an MVC 2 application and then subsequently display them. Naturally there are a mountain of blog posts on this topic but I was unable to find anything comprehensive that covered everything that I needed on both the client and server side. What […]

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13 Nov

Using the jQuery UI Datepicker with ASP.NET MVC 2 Templates

Brad Wilson has recently completed a blog series about Templates in MVC 2. I really like this feature as it provides me with the ability to quickly generate screens, even if eventually I might have to go back and rework them. Basically I want to have my cake and eat it – I want the […]

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6 Nov

Using serialized JSON to move complex data to and from the browser

Jarod and I have both been working on a FubuMVC application for one of our Guild 3 clients. It?s been great to have the opportunity to work with a different MVC framework and hopefully we?ll comment on what we did and didn?t like about Fubu in a follow up post. I should note at this […]

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2 Nov

Form – Storm – Norm – Perform

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As you probably know by now three Elegant Coders (Jarod, David and myself) have recently formed Guild 3 Software. One of the reasons that we were keen to work together is that we have a lot of shared values, not least of which are Integrity, Craftsmanship, Agility and Community. However we had not worked together […]

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