JQuery Validator Cheat Sheet

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I?m getting a session ready for Boise Code Camp 2010 on JQuery Validator. I thought it would be cool to hand out a cheat sheet ? but I couldn?t find one. So here is rev. 1 of my?Jquery Validator Cheat sheet.

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Authenticated web services calls with Asp.Net MVC

I?ve been encountering a problem as of late.  I?m creating a lot of ?Single Page Pattern? web applications.  This means you load the page once, then handle everything else via web service calls. And if you have ever worked on web applications you should be familiar with the ?user went to lunch? issue (session timeout).  […]

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JQuery Validator plus Element IDs, and Names

OK, just discovered an interesting implementation detail of JQuery Validator (one that I should have known about already as well). OK, if you have a form where the inputs of the for have both id and name  attributes, the name attributes trump id. So if you have this: 1: <input type=’type’ id=’RegisterUserName’ name=’userName’ /> Then […]

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Playing with JQuery Validation library

New job (2 weeks in), new responsibilities, new tools to play with.  Amazingly (for me), one of the new tools is the JQuery Validation Library.  My diving into this also coincides with ScottGu’s announcement that Microsoft is creating their own CDN for JQuery and JQuery Validation.  Bad news is that this means I’m behind.  That […]

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