6 Feb

The Long Distance Product Owner

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I’m often asked questions I decide to answer on my blog. After all, if one person has the question, so do others. Here is the question we’re answering today. How can we make it work when the Product Owner and Development Team are 12 time zones apart? Answers People Don’t Like Well, there are a few […]

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30 Jan

Agile’s Coming of Age

Now that the term “Agile” is sufficiently compromised as to be near meaningless, Agile Software Development is old enough to stand on its own, make its own business case, and demonstrate its value. But it still isn’t a mature adult. Agile Software Development is a hormonally unbalanced pre-teen with ugly spots, occasional outbursts of irrational […]

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7 Oct

Dear Silver Bullet Seeker

Dear Silver Bullet Seeker, I understand that you want a guarantee that using a new development process will make everything better. Who wouldn’t want to claim great improvements with little to no effort on your part? Unfortunately, your team is likely comprised of human beings, which makes behavior non-deterministic, like your own. This means there […]

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23 Jun

Sprint Review. Cheater, cheater, cheater!

I have just been accused of cheating at last week’s sprint review. Let’s see what you think. The way our sprint reviews work, everyone in the company gets to rotate between teams who show their work in 15 minute segments. Picture a science fair with parents moving between booths and spending 15 minutes at each […]

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8 Jun

Electronic Scrum Boards with Jeffrey Palermo

I found myself eating lunch with a group that included Jeffrey Pallermo one day at Tech Ed. We were discussing our favorite sessions at the conference and I noted my interest in the new TFS Scrum process template from Conchango and the electronic Scrum board they will soon be bringing to market. I actually posted […]

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