An Evolution of Test-Specification Styles – My Journey to MSpec

Over the last few years, the practice of Test-Driven Design and Behavior-Driven Design has increased in acceptance, even if its practice has not increased in equal proportion.  From my perspective, specification-based design is a natural way to develop software.  Each developer has a preferred framework, and a framework they loathe.  In the .NET world, there […]

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Behaviors with MSpec

In my previous posts, I showed the syntax for context/specifications using Machine.Specifications (or MSpec for short) and how to use an auto mocking container in conjunction with this excellent Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) framework. For this post, I want to show you one of the nice features of MSpec called behaviors. Suppose we have to create […]

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Indi Young on Mental Models

I was fortunate to sit in a lecture today by Indi Young, co-founder of Adaptive Path and author of the recently published Mental Models, Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior. Ms. Young described her framework for constructing Mental Models, which are models representing a user’s thought process as they interact with a system. A Mental […]

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