9 Sep

An Observation about TDD

To me, developers that are not applying TDD practices during their day-to-day job always seem more in a hurry than developers that do apply red-green-refactor. In their hurry, they’re the first to cut corners and start making messes while they rush to their goal. A while ago it dawned to me why that is. They […]

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1 Mar

An Evolution of Test-Specification Styles – My Journey to MSpec

Over the last few years, the practice of Test-Driven Design and Behavior-Driven Design has increased in acceptance, even if its practice has not increased in equal proportion.  From my perspective, specification-based design is a natural way to develop software.  Each developer has a preferred framework, and a framework they loathe.  In the .NET world, there […]

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3 Jan

Unity/Moq – AutoMocker or AutoMockingContainer

What is an Auto Mocking Container? This post started to get a little long, so I won’t re-explain the concept. Joshua Flanagan wrote a nice overview at his Los Techies blog: Auto mocking Explained. My post is mainly here to describe the Unity version of an automocking container I threw together. In Jan 2009 I […]

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10 Dec

StatLight – Goes Open Source

Although I made a very minor attempt at making StatLight a “for-sale” product, I knew when I started that open-source was most likely going to be my long term path for StatLight. What is it? (Silverlight Testing Automation Tool) StatLight is a tool developed for automating the setup, running, and gathering results of Silverlight unit […]

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30 Nov

Wrapping up the StructureMap Automocking Container

UPDATE: I apologize…the original wrapper did not allow injected dependencies.  I have fixed this bug and updated the sample.

I have been using StructureMap.AutoMocking with MSpec (Machine.Specifications) and Rhino.Mocks for a few months now. Although I am very comfortable with the patterns that emerge from using the frameworks together, introducing StructureMap.Automocking to other developers is sometimes challenging. I decided to wrap the details of the container to make the intention clearer and explanation easier. I have started using this wrapper in my projects, and have found it makes building up specifications more efficient in my daily coding.

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