Extended WPF Toolkit–the updated PropertyGrid

The PropertyGrid control in the Extended WPF Toolkit was released in version 1.4.0 as beta. Since then I have had another release of version 1.5.0 in which the PropertyGrid was still in beta. Well it is beta no more! I have given the PropertyGrid a lot of love an affection over the past few weeks […]

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Extended WPF Toolkit–using the BusyIndicator

As you may know, I am the author of a WPF control suite call the Extended WPF Toolkit.  I also spend tons of time on various forums helping people solve problems with their WPF applications.  Lately there have been a number of questions regarding the BusyIndicator control.  The majority of questions deal with using it […]

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Extended WPF Toolkit Release 1.4.0

It?s that time again.  Time for another release of the Extended WPF Toolkit.  I know it?s only been three short months since the last release, but this release is packed with 11 new controls as well as many bug fixes and updated controls.  I have been working hard to provide the WPF community with a […]

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State Pattern, Enumeration Class and Fluent NHibernate (Oh my!)

Recently, I needed to change a basic enumeration into a full-fledged state pattern. After getting all my domain classes updated, I began reviewing the persistence layer. And I hit a wall. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to update my Fluent NHibernate convention to persist the current state.

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Extending the ObservableCollection to add navigation methods such as MoveFirst, MoveNext, MoveLast, and MovePrevious.

Recently, I had the need to navigate a list by using methods such as MoveFirts, MovePrevious, MoveNext, and MoveLast while at the same time keeping track of its current location to notify the user where they are at in the list. Enter the ICollectionView.  ?You can think of a collection view as a layer on […]

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