Taking Baby Steps with ScriptCS

I?ve been following the ScriptCS project with great interest over the last couple of months. As you may know by now, I?ve been searching for a more lightweight .NET development experience for quite some time. The ScriptCS project is here to fulfill this desperate need. Driven by the open-source .NET community, this wonderful initiative promises […]

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SqlBulkCopy for Generic List<T> (useful for Entity Framework & NHibernate)

A common complaint of the Entity Framework is slow insert times for larger datasets. Last night I was trying to insert a catalog of 15k products and it was taking a very long time (I gave up after 5 minutes). I recalled this post a while back from Mikael Eliasson demonstrating SqlBulkCopy using .NET. I […]

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Dynamic in C# is Broken

Earlier this week, I ran into an issue while using the dynamic keyword in C#. I learned from C# in Depth that there are a couple of restrictions with dynamic, most notably when using extension methods or converting lambda expressions. But apparently there are more restrictions than meets the eye, which came as an unpleasant […]

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CreateDelegate<T> – An Exercise in Using Expressions

In a previous blog post I showed a basic example of how to use the Delegate.CreateDelegate() method as an alternative to the slow MethodInfo.Invoke() for dynamically invoking a method of a class at runtime. The only downside of using CreateDelegate is that its not strongly typed. This is usually not a problem when the signature […]

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