31 May

Taking Baby Steps with ScriptCS

I?ve been following the ScriptCS project with great interest over the last couple of months. As you may know by now, I?ve been searching for a more lightweight .NET development experience for quite some time. The ScriptCS project is here to fulfill this desperate need. Driven by the open-source .NET community, this wonderful initiative promises […]

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26 Jan

SqlBulkCopy for Generic List<T> (useful for Entity Framework & NHibernate)

A common complaint of the Entity Framework is slow insert times for larger datasets. Last night I was trying to insert a catalog of 15k products and it was taking a very long time (I gave up after 5 minutes). I recalled this post a while back from Mikael Eliasson demonstrating SqlBulkCopy using .NET. I […]

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11 Aug

Dynamic in C# is Broken

Earlier this week, I ran into an issue while using the dynamic keyword in C#. I learned from C# in Depth that there are a couple of restrictions with dynamic, most notably when using extension methods or converting lambda expressions. But apparently there are more restrictions than meets the eye, which came as an unpleasant […]

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30 Jul

CreateDelegate<T> – An Exercise in Using Expressions

In a previous blog post I showed a basic example of how to use the Delegate.CreateDelegate() method as an alternative to the slow MethodInfo.Invoke() for dynamically invoking a method of a class at runtime. The only downside of using CreateDelegate is that its not strongly typed. This is usually not a problem when the signature […]

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