XForms – The Coolest Little Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

The reason you have never heard of this sweet technology is explored in this post, Microsoft and XForms, Standards Assassin or Innovator?. “Standards? Why Bother?” asked Bill. XForms is a way of expressing data and business logic into an XML instance that you can embed into an XHTML file and run in your favorite browser […]

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Unit Testing Bliss in Visual Studio 2008

This post seems appropriate to counter my original post, Unit Testing Irritants in Visual Studio 2008. F5, You Moron Firstly, as pointed out by the mysterious Richard in a comment on my original post, you can execute your Test Project (and therefore all unit tests in it) by setting it to your default project and […]

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The Churning Backlog AntiPattern

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An estimated and prioritized backlog drives a reasonably dependable release plan. If you have an idea how long features will take to implement, you are able to project when major releases will be available to your clients. This relationship is natural and good. The rub problem lies in that some of the work in set […]

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Tasting VS2008 for the First Time

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I have been poking VS2008 tonight. The first thing I noticed is the speed difference. It is just plain faster than VS 2005. Faster to load, faster menus, just faster. Although it is not news to those who have been playing with 2008 already I was a bit miffed to see that the project and […]

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