FubuMVC From Scratch – Part 4 Persistence

Previous posts in series: FubuMVC From Scratch Part 1 ? Basic project structure setup FubuMVC From Scratch Part 2 ? FubuMVC configuration and Controller setup FubuMVC From Scratch ? Part 3 (Adding View to project) Persistence is a requirement in virtually every application that we write today, and now the time has come for us […]

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JQuery 1.3.2: Performance and IE8

For all of the JQuery lovers out there, the JQuery has now released version 1.3.2.   http://docs.jquery.com/Release:jQuery_1.3.2 There are no new “features” in this release (unlike .Net service packs), but I looks like it is worth the download. First off: speed improvements — even with IE6.  These come in a number of areas: the selector engine, […]

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Setting up a FubuMVC Project from Scratch

I am going to start a series of articles on using FubuMVC for web projects. I have several reason for writing these, one of which is FubuMVC has a lack of documentation right now, so these articles will help out that cause. Also I am starting to do mostly web work, and want to do […]

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