22 Feb

JQuery 1.3.2: Performance and IE8

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For all of the JQuery lovers out there, the JQuery has now released version 1.3.2.  


There are no new “features” in this release (unlike .Net service packs), but I looks like it is worth the download.

First off: speed improvements — even with IE6.  These come in a number of areas: the selector engine, the :Visible and :Hidden flags, and width/height properties.

Second: JQuery is now supporting IE8 rc1.  Personally I can’t wait for IE8, it can’t come out soon enough.  The fact that I will be able to debug JavaScript in a FireBug’esk interface gives me chills.  Also note: Opera 10 support should be coming as soon as the Opera team fixes a few bugs.

One thought on “JQuery 1.3.2: Performance and IE8”

  1. jQuery UI appears to work with final IE8 release easonable well – but there are some reall problems with DOM-filter jQuery. And the developer tool/debugger is seizing up once every 15-20 minutes. Cant wait till Redmond gets this right

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