Nancy takes another step forward

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The say time flies when you are having fun and nothing could be more true when working on Nancy. Two months have already passed since we started work on 0.8.0, a release that was suppose to roughly take around 4-5 weeks to complete and consist mostly of diagnostics related changes. Boy were we wrong. A […]

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Nancy, the little community-powered framework that could

Two months ago, on the day, I first announced Nancy here on Elegant Code as my new open-source project. I could never have anticipated the chain of events that would take place during the following two months. My tweet about the blog post got re-tweeted more times than I can remember and the post filled […]

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Introducing Nancy, a lightweight web framework inspired by Sinatra

For a couple of weeks I have been keeping myself busy with open-source stuff. One of the things has been to spike out a web framework idea and later on turn it into a real project. The project is inspired, but not a clone, by the Sinatra web framework built on Ruby. The name, Nancy, […]

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