4 Oct

Today’s MSDN Event

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I went to the Boise MSDN event today at a big movie theater and I learned a few things.

  1. LINQ is cool. Wicked cool. Mac Book Pro dual booting to Vista x64 cool.
  2. LINQ is more than compile time SQL. It is declarative XML trees without a DOM model. In VB, it is also compile time XML, which is weird. And cool.
  3. I was right. Silver Light is going to beat the pants off Flash.
  4. XAML + Expression Studio is scary in the way that my mom people writing an Excel macro is scary. We were so close to achieve real separation between the view and the business tier. So sad.
  5. WCF is easier than I thought. And handier. I am going to get a WCF web service kata under my belt.
  6. Mithun Dhar can run over clocked and do a 90 minute Silver Light presentation in 40 minutes. Nice :).
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One thought on “Today’s MSDN Event”

  1. Here is my hope, post conference: If there is a next.

    1. My laptop doesn’t bluescreen right as I start my presentation. — but then again, it was kind of cool in its own way.

    2. See number 1.

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