8 Oct


Scott Gu‘s announcement over the weekend at the Alt.Net conference in Austin fell upon attentive ears. Although I was not at Alt.Net (lamentably) it seems like a collective hush has fallen over the crowd in anxious anticipation of getting to actually fondle this new namespace.

According to Jeffery Palermo’s post on the announcement, the implementation is highly pluggable and extensible, to the point of relating to ASPX as a view engine. The implication of this would be that follow on view engines will inevitably come from the community. This one design consideration alone is a healthy step for our favorite software monolith.

Readers of this blog might recall the slight stir caused last spring when I published an open letter to Scott G. requesting particular attention be paid to this project and it’s implication on the broader community. It sounds like things are proceeding well. Thank you, Scott.

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