Microsoft’s ALM Story

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Microsoft has embraced the idea of Application Lifecycle Management as a framework upon their software development tools can be positioned. This is a great notion, and one that will take several years of investment even from a company with as many resources as Microsoft. ALM is the enterprise software development holy grail that IBM sought […]

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Where to start a new program

Here as an interesting question that popped up at my user group meeting last night, when you are starting a new program (green field development), where do you get started?  I find these questions interesting because there really is no correct answer, but a persons answer will tell you something about how they problem solve. […]

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Architecture Modeling in Rosario with Peter Provost

Yes, that Peter Provost, and this is a great Tech Ed session. We know that the modeling tools in Team System 2008 are, well… there’s room for improvement. How valuable is a Logical Data Center Design Model when we can’t derive it from a reverse engineering action? There has also been much frustration with the […]

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Alt.Net Seattle – Takeaway<DDDD>().Video

This last weekend (yes, a week ago I know) at Alt.Net I had the opportunity to convene a session on DDDD.  (which was also joined with Event Driven Architecture and one other messaging related topic) The open spaces format makes it easy for whoever is there, to talk about whatever they want. DDDD, or distributed […]

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Castle Windsor vs writing your own

Earlier this week I was in a meeting were someone stated that it was better to write your own IOC container than just using an existing one (the most excellent Castle Windsor in this case). I was just baffled to hear such statements. The argument for writing your own container was simplicity and the learning […]

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