10 Oct

Join Me at IIBA

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Next Monday evening, October 15th, I am speaking on Agile at the Treasure Valley chapter of the IIBA, the International Institute of Business Analysis. BSU professor Rob Anson is building the local chapter of this organization and it seems that Agile management practices are a subject of great interest for the group.

This should be a fairly high level discussion on Agile practices in the large and in the wild. If you would like to join us, please email me for details. I believe Mexican food is involved, which explains my presence at a very fundamental level.

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2 thoughts on “Join Me at IIBA

  1. Jason,

    You were late by 5 minutes to Elle, who told me what a dolt I was.

    The post has been changed and you are right, it is the 15th.

    Thank you.

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