28 Jan

Rhino Mocks presentation – version 3.3

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There has been some interest (two people) in updating my Rhino Mocks presentation and re-publishing it. This is from a presentation that I gave for the West Michigan Day of .Net back in May 2007 (ages ago).

This presentation consists of a Power Point deck with minimal slides (it was for a code camp) and a sample project written MVP style (WinForms – not web forms).  That is where the meat of the presentation was, the slide deck is just there to give a taste of what mock objects are supposed to do.

Anyway, the big change was that I updated the sample projects mocking code to Rhino Mocks 3.3 syntax.  This uses the Record and Playback methods now.  But I did leave one test method using the old syntax for comparison sake.

For all of the tests to run you will have to download and install the Adventure Works LT database from CodePlex.

Download the presentation here.


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