11 Feb

Agile for Executives

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There is currently an article up on the CIO magazine web site that I simply must comment on. I often find myself needing to explain and define Agile for executives who have heard some rumor or other about why the developers have unionized. I think Esther Schindler’s article does a nice job of giving that overview, although it may be a bit wordy still for the elevator pitchy type of discussion.

Esther makes 7 points that I list below under the link to her article. If your leadership is asking for a nice explanation of what this Agile stuff is all about, giving them this article may be a good move to start the discussion.

Getting Clueful: 7 Things CIOs Should Know About Agile Development by Esther Schindler

  1. Agile Creates Better Software
  2. The Agile Mind-Set Is More than Processes
  3. Agile Changes More then Development Workflow
  4. Agile Doesn’t Mean "Chaos is Good"
  5. Agile’s Benefits are Worth the Wait
  6. Agile Isn’t a Silver Bullet
  7. Success Depends on People