Be Careful of Your Passion

Many developers categorize themselves when describing their areas of passion or specialty. Often this sounds like, “I’m a data guy,” or “I like middleware.” Occasionally you hear a passion for user experience or UI expressed as, “I like making GUIs.” Most of us got into this business because we liked making computers do things we […]

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Reporters and Technical Language

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As if we needed more confirmation that we technologists talk funny to nuero-typicals, I give you the following: In a news story about Boise Code Camp, the following paragraphs appeared in this article of the Idaho Statesman. The camp will include: Teaching workers how to use, create and deliver applications that allow computers to download […]

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Some Other Assertions in VS Unit

Folks are often unaware of a some classes within the Visual Studio unit testing framework that make writing unit tests a bit easier. Instead of simply adding functionality to the base Assert class, the framework declares 2 other specialized assertion classes: CollectionAssert and StringAssert. CollectionAssert is handy for comparing 2 collections or for validating members […]

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