27 Feb

Want My 17" MacBook Pro?

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That’s it, I’ve had it. Remember this: I Just Bought a MacBook Pro? Well, I can’t live with the keyboard anymore. Can’t do it.

I love the form factor, and I love the lightness, and I love the display, and I hate the keyboard layout. Guess what? It wans’t made for Windows. Weird, eh?

You want it? Here’s the deal, I will trade you for a comparably priced and featured Windows laptop or you can up-trade for some cash along with it. Yes, I could just sell it, but what fun would that be? Let’s see how this works first.

You get:

MacBook Pro, 17-inch, 2.4GHz
2GB 667 DDR2 – 2?1GB SO-DIMMs (Upgraded to 4G aftermarket)
Accessory Kit
SuperDrive 8x (DVD?R DL/DVD?RW/CD-RW)
2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Backlit Keyboard/Mac OS – U.S. English
MacBook Pro 17-inch High-Resolution Widescreen Display
160GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm

I added:

  • Sweet red MacBook protector/condom thingy $40 (plus a Windows decal)
  • Black silicon keyboard protector ($25)
  • Suede wrist wrests (awesome). ($15)
  • 4G RAM ($140)
  • Firewire 800 cable ($25)

I want:

  • 17″, high quality display
  • 4G RAM
  • Control key on the bottom left, not function key
  • N and G wireless
  • Arrow keys, page up and down
  • I don’t care what it weighs
  • A hard drive that is at least 7200RPM.
  • Firewire 800 would be nice, 400 a must
  • A chip (or 2) that is just the bananas

So, what do you have? And yes, I am serious.

macbook @ elegantcode.com

8 thoughts on “Want My 17" MacBook Pro?

  1. So… what your telling us is that you’re trading out your Mac because you have a Control issue. :p

  2. 1. Even with remapping I still have fundamental layout prblems with the keyboard.
    2. I can’t run Vista 64 on this thing for lack of drivers
    3. It isn’t a control issue. It’s the fact that I can’t type. For that I am ashamed 🙂

  3. I just received a new IBM Think Pad Lenovo T61p, and guess where the CTRL key is located? Yep, just to the right of the function key. I cannot stand the placement of this button. CTRL should be in the bottom left, the most bottom left key possible.

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