2 Mar

Code Cast 4 – Scott Nichols

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Today’s interview with an Elegant Coder is with Scott Nichols, a solution architect with many years experience in very large IT organizations. Scott shares his wisdom on several subjects including:

  • The role of prescribed architectures and different kinds of architects
  • A look into large systems and companies and scaling development into the hundreds of developers
  • Why to stay in touch with the technical community
  • Microsoft?s CAB framework
  • Practical uses of CSLA in team environments and a deeper look at how to use CSLA
  • Optimizing systems for performance

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One thought on “Code Cast 4 – Scott Nichols”

  1. Listening to this Podcast was kind of scary. As soon as Scott started talking about the wonders of CSLA my PC Blue Screened. Maybe because the last 3 projects I have done have used Nhibernate and CSLA or it could just be sign to be afraid of Podcasts where Scott is pontificating :-).

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