3 Jun

Data Programmability Advisory Council

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Danny Simmons posted some exciting news about the advisory council for future DP releases (Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, ADO.Net Data Services, etc). Check this out:

One recurring theme in that feedback has been around domain driven design, so among our other criteria we’ve put together an advisory council which includes some members with notable credentials in that area.

Eric Evans – http://www.domainlanguage.com/about/ericevans.html
Stephen Forte – http://www.stephenforte.net/
Martin Fowler – http://martinfowler.com/
Pavel Hruby – http://www.phruby.com/
Jimmy Nilsson – http://jimmynilsson.com/

Yes… I had to take a second look myself. That’s an impressive list I say!

Its just words on a web page at this point, but I think this speaks loud and clear that MS is listening to all the valuable constructive criticism that has been given from the community. I commend the Data Programmability team for making such a great move, but mostly all those who have stepped up to provide their insight.

Along with this announcement, Danny is also requesting that folks continue to keep providing feedback.

Frickin’ sweet!

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