SqlBulkCopy for Generic List<T> (useful for Entity Framework & NHibernate)

A common complaint of the Entity Framework is slow insert times for larger datasets. Last night I was trying to insert a catalog of 15k products and it was taking a very long time (I gave up after 5 minutes). I recalled this post a while back from Mikael Eliasson demonstrating SqlBulkCopy using .NET. I […]

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Using VSDBCMD to deploy an Entity Framework (EF) CodeFirst (or any other) database to AppHarbor

If you?ve taken the jump to try out the new Entity Framework Code First and you?re allowing it to generate your database for you, you?ve most certainly run into the lack of migrations/updating existing schema support. Currently EF Code First will only create a database and won?t update a database with changes necessary to bring […]

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Unity Extension for Entity Framework POCO Configuration, Repository and Unit of Work

In my previous two posts I talk about simple EF4 mappings and some common abstractions I like to work with for my entity persistence operations. In this post I want to take all of the setup code necessary for EF configuration and registration and encapsulate it along with the standard boiler plate IOC container code […]

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Entity Framework POCO (EF4): Generic Repository and Unit of Work Prototype

In my previous post I demonstrated how to create a simple mapping using the latest EF4 CTP. In this post I will look at how I can customize some infrastructure code in an attempt to align EF POCO ?Code Only? with existing patterns, while potentially increasing reuse and testability. A popular pattern for ORM data […]

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