Programming in the Tablet era

After a long hiatus, I am back to doing desktop development full time.  No more WebForms, no more, no more browser incompatibilities…at least for now.  Unfortunately I’ve found the desktop world has changed a bit since I last left it.  Tablets have entered the market, small form factor PCs that are no bigger than […]

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Code Cast 10 – Richard Hundhausen on VSTS

Richard Hundhausen is President of Accentient, a training and consulting company specializing in MS Team System. Additionally, Rich is a published author, a MS MVP in Team System, and a Microsoft Regional Director. In other words, wow. This guy knows Team System and the industry. Richard has a very popular talk that he has done […]

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How to show Log4Net info in NUnit (from NHibernate)

OK, simple little problem.  You are trying to figure out a problem with an NHibernate mapping file, you know that NHibernate uses Log4Net to log all sorts of interesting info, but you aren’t seeing it when you run your NUnit tests. Solution: 1. Add an app.config to your test project (if there isn’t one there […]

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The Onion Architecture

This is what I consider to be a good architecture for long-lived business applications and how I like to design them. Actually, our current and past two projects apply this design and its far more superior to a traditional layered approach. Check out this well written blog post and keep an eye out for the […]

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Iterative and Incremental Development: A Brief History

I just read the best article I have come across in a while. Craig Larman and Victor Basili take us to school with a historical perspective on iterative development practices. Thanks, Martin, for the pointer. This article provides a little perspective on the iterative practices discussion with roots going as far back as the 1930s. […]

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