20 Jul

Podcasts Across America

I loaded up my phone with podcasts before leaving Boise to drive to Houston. I have worked my way through just about all of them due to the fact that 2000 miles one way in a pickup with 2 kids and a dog lends itself to having some time on your hands. Further, since I am staying with my mom down in Houston, I tend to take walks. And go to the Y.

But anyway…

What I have worked my way through:

  1. Hansleminutes – Obviously.
  2. This American Life – It cant be ALL tech
  3. ALT.Net podcast – Mike Moore & Crew
  4. Dot Net Rocks – I can’t believe I listened to them all. I am current here as well.
  5. Radio TFS – Micky and the boys spreading the good word
  6. And my new favorite: Software Engineering Radio. This is a great podcast.

So, I am loading up tonight with some new shows. Now what?

  1. Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code – Just trying it
  2. The Agile Toolkit
  3. Polymorphic Podcast – I used to listen regularly, but I lost the feed for awhile. It will be good to have it back again.

So, what am I missing? What great podcasts am I not listening to?

A note on our very own Elegant Code Cast, I am holding 2 great interviews in my hard drive that I have not been able to do the production on because of personal commitments, but be prepared to see some new episodes coming as soon as next week. I brought my headphones for editing on this trip with me, after all 🙂

Incidentally, since the Zune software now supports 64 bit, I am using it as a podcatcher even though I don’t own a Zune. It works great so far.

3 thoughts on “Podcasts Across America

  1. You can also try:

    – Deep Fried Bytes
    – StackOverflow
    – DevCasting
    – Herding Code
    – Plumbers at Work
    – IT Matters (Thoughtworks)
    – Technology Round Table

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