Refining Context/Specification BDD using Rhino Mocks 3.5

Earlier this year, I wrote this blog post about exploring Behavior-Driven Development as a better way of doing Test-Driven Development. In this post, I spoke about how to organize unit tests by their context and about how to apply a fluent language approach for naming these contexts/specifications. Here is how the example code of the […]

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Boise MSDN Event

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Boise area .NET folks have no shortage of community events these days and November is shaping up with some particularly good gems. These events are free to attend and you get to mingle with same jovial crew you know and love from your favorite user group meeting (ok, that was a stretch). Thursday, November 06 […]

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Code Cast 16 – Glenn Block on ALT.NET at Microsoft

Download the MP3 On this episode of the Elegant Code Cast, Glenn Block tells us about life inside Microsoft for the ALT.NET crowd. Glenn has been with Microsoft for several years and has worked in several departments during that time, trying to bring the ideals of ALT.NET to the company. His experiences in MS Learning, […]

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