10 Oct

On the Alt.Net Podcast

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This post is a bit late, but I thought I should mention that I’m on the Alt.Net Podcast talking about JQuery in ASP.Net with Rick Strahl, Dave Ward, Bertrand Le Roy, Scott Koon, and Steven Harman.

This was a fun podcast to be on, even though we had a few hick-ups along the way (I kept disconnecting — thank you Skype and Steve’s hard drive crashed).  But having Rick Strahl and Dave Ward there was great (if you like JQuery and work on ASP.Net, you need to read their blogs). 

But having Bertrand there was absolutely wonderful.  Bertrand is a Microsoft employee that was there for the conversations that led to the JQuery announcement.

Mike Moore is doing an excellent job on these.  If you haven’t seen this podcast before, I highly recommend it.