31 Dec

Three Times the Fun

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Jason again. Over the past week, while most people have been enjoying some hard earned time off, I’ve been working…a lot. Joining me in my efforts have been fellow Elegant Coder Chris and Priyesh.

The nature of the projects that we undertake here can make it difficult to apply some key development principles. A particularly large obstacle has proven to be multiple developer projects…or lack thereof. Please don’t lecture me on the evils of this approach as I know the price that we pay for our sins. In fact when I first came on board here some 16 months ago this was the first thing that I changed (where I could) and it has had a more significant impact on the quality of our software than anything else that we have done.

And this fact was underlined by what we have achieved during the past week. In terms of quality and quantity I have not seen such a high level of output for a significant period of time. We challenged and supported each other and we had a bunch of fun too. Thanks guys – you rock!