26 Jan

Code Cast 19 – Peter Provost on Agile, Visual Studio 2010, and Architecture Tools

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mug shotPeter Provost is Program Manager for Visual Studio Team System Architecture Edition. He visited with us recently on the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2010 and the the architecture tools it introduces.

Although UML is part of the story, this isn?t your grandmother?s modeling story. Peter?s Agile approach to architecture is clear in the tooling and the scenarios he describes for using it.

Whether you think a model is best suited on a whiteboard, a table napkin, or a formal UML diagram, you?ll find this discussion fascinating.

And modeling isn?t the whole story. There?s more on tap and Peter takes us through the whole story.

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8 thoughts on “Code Cast 19 – Peter Provost on Agile, Visual Studio 2010, and Architecture Tools

  1. The interview was great, however there was some background banging going on. It sounding like somebody was doing some stapling in the background. It was very annoying.

  2. I can’t apologize for that enough, Joel.

    I continue to learn about the best ways to record the show and the clanking you heard was this lesson for me:

    Don’t type on a MSFT Natural Elite 4000 while recording. I am really sorry, man.

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  4. I have to agree with Joel D, the bit I heard was good, but the banging sounded like a child hitting it’s plastic toys on the mic. I gave up, elegant code, clumsy podcast.

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