Code Cast #24 – Matt Podwysocki on Functional Programming

You know those scary smart guys that freak you out when you talk to them because you realize how little you know? And, you know how these same people seem to be the key masters for some esoteric idea or technology you feel guilty for not knowing? Meet Matt Podwysocki. Matt is the functional programming […]

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JQuery 1.3.2: Performance and IE8

For all of the JQuery lovers out there, the JQuery has now released version 1.3.2. There are no new “features” in this release (unlike .Net service packs), but I looks like it is worth the download. First off: speed improvements — even with IE6.  These come in a number of areas: the selector engine, […]

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JavaScript Arrays via JQuery Ajax to an Asp.Net WebMethod

Long title, but this is a problem that has haunted me for a while now.  I have an Asp.Net WebMethod that takes a List/IEnumerable/Array of stuff as a parameter, how do I send that stuff to that method using the JQuery Ajax method. Now, without having to reinvent the wheel, do check out David Ward’s […]

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