18 Mar

Code Cast #25 – MassTransit

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imageDru Sellers and Chris Patterson joined us to talk about their minimalist service bus for .NET, MassTransit. Not only are these guys expert enterprise architects, but they?re just plain funny, too.

Join Elegant Coders Jarod Ferguson and David Starr for this great conversation on Event Driven Architecture with Doktor Dru and Phat Boy G.

Dru Sellers is the Solution Architect for Federal Home Loan Bank out of Topeka, KS. He has been programming professionally since 2001 and spends most of his time working on various open source projects like this one, and junk punching people who ‘touch’ his database.

Chris Patterson

Chris lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with his wife and two daughters. He currently works with a large health care company in Tulsa. His responsibilities include software architecture, design, and development for internet products.

He?s been writing software professionally since 1987, but wrote his first computer game on the Apple ][ in 1980.

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6 thoughts on “Code Cast #25 – MassTransit

  1. I downloaded the mp3 and played in WMP but the interview doesn’t seem complete. It stops in middle of a sentence, in 22 minutes or something.

    It’s only me?

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  3. I’ve also experienced problems like Eduardo’s on this site. It took me three tries to download the full MP3 podcast – Firefox 3.0.7 truncated the file twice, and I finally had to switch to IE to download it. I don’t generally have that issue on other sites. (This is over a high-speed connection.)

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