28 Mar

Boise Code Camp & Tech Fest Day 1

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I?m sitting here full of pizza listening to a presentation about Live Mesh that?s being given by fellow Elegant Coder Sean Timm who is the author of what is perhaps my favorite EC post (the paragraph entitled ?Sean Timm?s rules of proper switch statement etiquette? is classic). One of the great things about this type of event is that you can learn about things that are outside of your regular day to day activities (which is precisely what I am doing at the moment). And with topics as diverse as robotics, copyright law and network security it?s good to see that we continue to cover topics beyond the typical ?new features of in version x of product y? type sessions. I feel incredibly guilty that for the first time I am not presenting (I blame my ridiculous workload) but it?s awesome to see that once again the high bar that we set every year has been raised once again.

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  1. I would like to know where can I download source code for Boise Code Camp session.
    I am particularly interesting in obtaining session materials for:
    “Build Composite WPF Applications” session by Scott Nichols

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