12 Jun

VS Live Las Vegas Session Materials

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I promised several people in my sessions I would post materials I used on ElegantCode.com, so here they are!

I should note that I am not comfortable posting my customized SFTS process template at this time. I need to discuss this with the folks at Conchango before taking that step.

Please be forgiving of the code, it isn?t stellar. Just what I was working on before I went into session 🙂

To everyone who attended my sessions, let me say, ?Thank you?. I appreciated your feedback and enthusiasm. It was an honor.

One thought on “VS Live Las Vegas Session Materials”

  1. David,

    Thanks for including my Scrum Sprint Monitor tool on your presentation. It was a really nice surprise to see it being included in a major presentation alongside such fine software.

    By the way, sould you or your readers be interested, I am working on a update to the tool which uses Prism 2.0 for easy extensibility, supports addins (currently an RSS feed producer and historic snapshot capture). One way I have customized it for my team is to show a message whenever system tests fail.

    Again, thanks for your support in spreading the word about this tool.

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