Unity/Moq – AutoMocker or AutoMockingContainer

What is an Auto Mocking Container? This post started to get a little long, so I won?t re-explain the concept. Joshua Flanagan wrote a nice overview at his Los Techies blog: Auto mocking Explained. My post is mainly here to describe the Unity version of an automocking container I threw together. In Jan 2009 I […]

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StatLight – Goes Open Source

Although I made a very minor attempt at making StatLight a “for-sale” product, I knew when I started that open-source was most likely going to be my long term path for StatLight. What is it? (Silverlight Testing Automation Tool) StatLight is a tool developed for automating the setup, running, and gathering results of Silverlight unit […]

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Wrapping up the StructureMap Automocking Container

UPDATE: I apologize…the original wrapper did not allow injected dependencies.  I have fixed this bug and updated the sample.

I have been using StructureMap.AutoMocking with MSpec (Machine.Specifications) and Rhino.Mocks for a few months now. Although I am very comfortable with the patterns that emerge from using the frameworks together, introducing StructureMap.Automocking to other developers is sometimes challenging. I decided to wrap the details of the container to make the intention clearer and explanation easier. I have started using this wrapper in my projects, and have found it makes building up specifications more efficient in my daily coding.

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Integration Test Brought to you by Powershell & NUnit – with a Little Specification Syntax for Flavoring

One of the tools I?ve used the last half of a year and really enjoyed is the C# specification extension methods when writing unit test assertions. If you?re looking for a little more background on the topic, I wrote about Fluent Specification Extensions in a past blog. Recently I wanted to execute a PowerShell script […]

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Code Cast 30 – Story Teller with Jeremy Miller

The venerable Jeremy Miller joined us to talk about YAIJMOSP (Yet Another Impressive Jeremy Miller Open Source Project). This week?s Jeremy project is Story Teller. Jeremy?s other contributions to the community include StructureMap and an obtuse fascination with separation patterns for user interfaces. Story Teller is an alternative for Fitnesse, implemented in .NET and chases […]

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MOQ Mothers

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Am I the only one who does this? I like to use Object Mothers in my test projects, especially when I have a large number of services or entities I need to feed into the things I am testing. For example, if I have a class I am testing that takes a constructor argument, I […]

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