20 Oct

Introducing Guild 3 Software

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Three of the Elegant Coders, myself among them, have an announcement to make. Jason Grundy, Jarod Ferguson, and I have all left good, stable jobs to do something we?ve all wanted to do for a long time.guild3_logo_green_white_B..

We?re starting a software company!

Specifically, we have partnered together to open the doors on Guild 3 Software. Readers of Elegant Code are probably familiar with our writing and interests, so hopefully you can guess what we?re about.

Jarod, Jason, and I are strong believers in the ideals set forth in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and in the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship. Our shared appreciation for the craft of software development has always drawn us into a huddle at user group meetings and other places where developers gather. We are excited to bring this passion to our customers and our products. Accordingly Guild 3 is founded on four core values:

Integrity, Craftsmanship, Agility, and Community.

You can read more about these, our founding values, here.

But, What Are You Doing?

Several things.

We are working on some exciting, super-secret product opportunities. Maybe they?ll be more on that another time.

In addition, Guild 3 is a professional services organization committed to bringing the ideals of software craftsmanship to our work. We are already working with a few clients and delivering software, of course!

Further, we are participating in community events, conferences, and other opportunities to learn from our peers.

Regarding Elegant Code

To be very clear, ElegantCode.com is not a business. It is a blogging community of professional software developers who simply enjoy each other?s contributions. We will all stay actively involved in ElegantCode.com and will retain our blogging sites here.

Wouldn?t have it any other way.

On a personal note, this doesn?t change my status as a Pluralsight instructor. That?s still a large part of my life. Hopefully I?ll get a chance to visit your company some day.

Shameless Appeal for Work

Surely you saw this coming!

If you have any software development projects you think might be a good fit for an intensely focused group of software craftsmen, give us a ring.

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  1. Dave (et al) – I wish you all the best with your new venture. It takes guts to walk away from stability – kudos to you all.


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