11 Apr

Pluralcast 13 : Women in Technology

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In this episode, I visited with several women who shared their stories of simply being women in our field.

Meagon Marshall


Meagon Marshall is the Director of Marketing for Pluralsight. Meagon focuses on market strategy & execution, public relations, community & partner building to evangelize Pluralsight training within the developer community at large. Meagon joined Pluralsight in 2009 and worked on MSDN and TechNet Magazine prior to joining Pluralsight.

Meagon is also a mother, yoga guru and spends her time finding new ways to spread the .NET training love with disjointed media channels. When she isn?t mothering, stretching or spreading the .NET love, Meagon enjoys wine, writing, traveling and discovering new music.

Meagon?s Links

Carey Payette

My name is Carey Payette, and I am a technology junkie.  I am married and have three young sons that never cease to amaze me and that I completely adore.  I am one of the unfortunately decreasing numbers of women in technology.  This is something that myself and a group of passionate women are looking to turn around, as the great blue monster once said ?Change the world or go home?, and this is exactly what we intend to do.

Born and raised in Sudbury Ontario, I am a Canadian living in the US since 2000.  I am a 1999 graduate of Laurentian University with a bachelor of science in computer science. In my day job I work as a Senior Software Developer, holding leadership/mentor roles surrounding distributed computing technology in the JEE and .Net space.  I am passionate about my work and am willing to share my experiences openly with others, as such I am very active in the developer community at large.  I serve as the current president of the Central Ohio .Net Developer?s group and am on the organizing committee for the Central Ohio Day of .Net (CODODN), and for the charitable local Give Camp.  I also try to speak at numerous regional conferences in order to connect with as many people as I can.

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Sarah Dutkiewiczimage

Sarah Dutkiewicz has worn many hats in the past decade – including technical support tech, technical support manager, database administrator, system administrator, programmer, report writer, editor, and now developer. She graduated in 2002 with her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering Technology from the University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio. When she isn’t working on database-driven websites, she’s reading up on the latest technologies and networking with other developers. Sarah is a Microsoft MVP in Visual C#.

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Sarah Gray

I work as a web developer, and my technical domain is database-driven web apps. For the past few years I?ve been coding Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, both of which I love, though Rails is a moving target and JavaScript, speaking through the browser as it must, is fickle. Prior to that (programming-wise) I worked with PHP for about six years, peeked at Java, and dabbled in lingo.

Sarah?s Blog: http://www.fabled.net/blog/

Alex McFerron

I work as a programmer and I enjoy doing math circles for fun. I’m currently doing research regarding poker programming.

Alex?s Blog: http://iwanttolearnmath.blogspot.com/

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