26 Apr

Pluralcast 14 : Enterprise Library 5

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You aren?t going to use that shiny new Visual Studio 2010 installation to write yet another logging solution, are you? No way! You have far cooler plans for that bad boy. Besides, that?s what Chris Tavares and the team at Microsoft Patterns & Practices do for a living.

Chris joins us here to discuss the recent release of Enterprise Library 5, which has some significant improvements over its predecessor releases.

Chris Tavares

chris Chris is a developer on the Microsoft patterns & practices team, where he has been the dev lead on Enterprise Library since version 3. When not thinking about ways to take the fun out of enterprise development, he ?relaxes? by speaking at local community events (like code camps & user group meetings), spending time with his family, and gaming. He is emphatically NOT made of Styrofoam.

Editor?s Note: I saw Chris pull out an Altoids  tin containing D20-D4 and use them to choose a random number to give away prizes at Seattle Code Camp, demonstrating his 18 charisma. ? David Starr

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