3 Aug

I Started a CodePlex Project: The Extended WPF Toolkit

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WPF developers, have you ever needed a control that it is in the Silverlight Toolkit but not the WPF Toolkit?  What is that all about? 

Well my solution to that problem is on CodePlex and it is called the Extended WPF Toolkit.  The Extended WPF Toolkit is a collection of WPF controls, components and utilities made available outside the normal WPF Toolkit.  It includes controls that are missing from the WPF Toolkit, or that have been ported over from the Silverlight Toolkit.

Currently there is only one control in it, the BusyIndicator.  It is the same busy indicator that is in the Silverlight toolkit, but for some strange reason never made it into the WPF toolkit.  Hey, WPF developers need busy indicators too!


BusyIndicator makes it easy to let the user know when an application is busy. Simply wrap the relavent content in an instance of the BusyIndicator control and toggle its IsBusy property to True during any long-running process.


Do you need a control ported over from the Silverlight toolkit?  Or a control that is used so commonly you think to yourself, “Why didn’t that just ship with Visual Studio?”.  Maybe you have a control you would like to contribute.  Whatever the case may be, place your questions in the Discussions and report bugs or request features in the Issue Tracker.

Help me shape the Extended WPF Toolkit with your feedback!

5 thoughts on “I Started a CodePlex Project: The Extended WPF Toolkit

  1. @Jens Pettersson

    Thanks for the contribution, I will definitely add some of those to the toolkit. I will even add the drag ability to the dialog container. I am actually working on a MessageBox control that is similar to the current System.Windows.MessageBox, but WPF-a-fied. I am thinking somehow of giving it the ability to act as a regular messagebox (window style) and act as a ChildWindow, like in the Silveright toolkit. Hopefully I can make it one control and not have to create two seperate controls.

  2. @Kelly

    I am not sure what your comment is pertaining to, but if it is a suggestion to use a progress bar instead of a busy indicator, your suggestion would not provide the behavior that the busy indicator provides.

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