Pluralcast 23 : Visual Studio LightSwitch with Jay Schmelzer

  Listen to this episode! [41:23] Have you been hearing the chatter about Visual Studio LightSwitch? It is a new technology from Microsoft targeted at quickly building line of business apps. And for a bit more sweetness, it builds tiered Silverlight apps for us! LightSwitch is currently in Beta 1, but seems destined for being […]

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Book Review: Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering

Having this book on my shelf for quite some time now, I finally decided to to make my way through reading Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering written by Robert L. Glass. As the title already implies, this well-established author lays down 55 facts and 10 fallacies about software engineering based on his half a […]

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Book Review: Debug It!

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Throughout my career as a professional software developer,   I?ve spent quite a lot of my learning time to sharpen my debugging skills. I?ve always considered this as one of the required abilities of a true software craftsman. I also strongly believe that the time spent hunting bugs should be minimized as much as possible. Other […]

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Extended WPF Toolkit – New ColorPicker Control

Yes, another great control has been added to the Extended WPF Toolkit project on CodePlex called the ColorPicker. The ColorPicker is pretty much self explanatory.? It allows a user to select a color using a color canvas, a hue slider, and an alpha slider for transparency. UPDATE: The ColorPicker control has been updated.? please see […]

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