Pluralcast 25 : Windows Phone 7

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Listen Now! [48:11] Windows Phone 7 is poised to soon move beyond walls of Microsoft and into consumers hands. That means we developers can start to think about actually writing apps for the device and this show introduces us to the developer experience for Windows Phone 7. Adam Grocholski Adam is a Technical Evangelist at […]

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OData’s DataServiceQuery and removing the .Expand(“MagicStrings”)

I was experimenting recently with the .Net implementation of OData and ran across one of my pet peeves. ?Magic Strings?. Apparently, the .Net community?s definition of magic strings is close but seems slightly different from Wikipedia. Therefore the magic strings I?m talking about here are what you?ll find on such posts as ?Functional .Net ? […]

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Silverlight 4 Service Release 4.0.50826.0

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In case you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft released a new update for Silverlight 4 yesterday, along with a new SDK.  You can check out the details at KB2164913. The stuff I was interested in: Add New Row for the DataGrid Improved application startup performance Mouse wheel support for out-of-browser  applications on the Mac Media bug […]

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